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From July 2019, I pledge that 10% of every commission (exclucing postage and packaging) will be donated to a dog charity here in Cyprus.  There are sadly too many stray dogs here, but there are many, many wonderful volunteers that work tirelessly to save and rehome these dogs.  By commissioning a portrait from me, you are helping these wonderful people care for the dogs with vet costs, food, housing and education.

So, you've decided to commission a portrait from me, now you need to choose a charity to receive 10% donation of the commission.  Please see below for the chosen charities, read their mission statements, their goals and choose who you would like to support.

Thank you in advance from all the charities!


Dog Valley Rescue Center

Who we are: We are a community of positive, animal lovers coming together in order to create a happier life for the dogs which end up in our shelter. As representatives our goal is to strive towards the best for our shelter always keeping in our hearts and minds the sole beneficiaries of our cause: the DOGS. (Donations, income, expenditure) will be audited and crystal clear.

What we have accomplished: We have created a shelter starting from zero with lots of hope and hard work.
To date, we have rehomed more than 500 dogs from 2015
Our current voluntary team is growing bigger with lots of supporters and people who work unconditionally and endlessly with all their love.

Our mission :Our future goals are to continue to offer to the dogs of our shelter the best possible living, to find homes in Cyprus or abroad to as many dogs is possible, which means to free cages for other dogs in need and of course to help in educValleyating people to become responsible dog owners.

Find them on facebook:


Rescue and Rehome Cyprus

With over 170,000 dogs living in pounds / shelters and on the streets RnR Cyprus helps by rescuing and rehoming.
We advertise by way of social media.
Adoption forms are completed, homechecks are done and if all is passed we arrange vet preparation and flights to the relevant adoptive families all over Europe.
Please consider a Cyprus Rescue Dog..Adopt don't Shop!!


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Sirius Dog Sanctuary

Sirius Dog Sanctuary is a Cyprus Registered Charity (Foundation Reg. No. 318) that rescues, shelters, rehabilitates and re-homes dogs whether these were surrendered by their owners, seized from their negligent and abusive owners or found as strays. Our shelter has a No-Kill policy which means no dog is euthanized unless his/her condition is irreversible and in pain. As a result the shelter has many long term residents which have lived in the shelter for years.    

Sirius was established in 2004 and is run by volunteers and depends solely on supporters' donation to survive. We care for approximately 150 dogs at any given time which means our vet bills average 6,000 euros per month.

Sirius re-homes on average 160 dogs per year in Cyprus and abroad. The more dogs we re-home the more dogs we can provide our help to. Sirius also runs an education program. We have an ongoing annual schedule of school presentations that aim at raising awareness on animal welfare issues and how we as citizens can become part of the solution rather than the problem. We educate children on responsible dog ownership, the importance of spaying and ways they can contribute to the welfare of animals.

Our future goal is to empty every cage. To see every dog re-homed and living a life free of fear and abuse. We hope our contribution to society will lead to more sensitized future generations with a strong sense of justice. Until then we will continue to be the voice for the voiceless with enthusiasm and passion.

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Save Oroklini's Stray Dogs

SOS - Save Oroklini's Stray Dogs is a local non-profitable dog rescue focusing on the well-being and adoptions of unwanted stray dogs in the village of Oroklini, Cyprus.
The law permits euthanasia after 15 days in the pound, from which we have saved over 1000 dogs in the past soon five years.

S.O.S is a 100% volunteer-based rescue. Unpaid volunteers dedicate their time to caring and rehoming the dogs found in its care.
Our work consists of improving the life of the pound dogs, focusing on veterinary care and neutering, training and spending countless hours on adoptions.
S.O.S is funded by fundraising events, grassroot fundraising, crowdfunding and donations. 

Click Here to see their leaflet.

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SPDC - Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus

SPDC (Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus) is a charitable, non-profit organisation in Cyprus, which is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming stray dogs to loving homes in the UK and across Europe.

SPDC Rescue UK is the UK registered charity affiliated to the Cyprus rescue.
SPDC Rescue UK
Registered Charity Number 1169378

Saving Pound Dogs - Cyprus [SPDC] is a group of volunteers trying to save dogs that have ended up in various local dog pounds.
By working in co-operation with the local pounds, we try to identify the owners of lost dogs through various channels. If unsuccessful, we try to find new homes to our furry friends, either in Cyprus or abroad.

What we do is to:
- engage in improving the life of a dog whilst in the pound
- work with the local vets to make sure that the pound dogs are treated, if sick
- strive to keep the dogs healthy at all times
- search for foster homes or, even better, forever homes
- organize fundraisers etc. in order to try to raise funds and support in the local community.

Click Here to see their leaflet.

Find them on facebook:



Quick links to the Rescue facebook pages.

Dog Valley Rescue Center


Rescue and Rehome Cyprus


Sirius Dog Sanctuary


Saving Oroklini's Stray Dogs


Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus



Portrait of Stella

Stella - Black Pointer

Stella is our very own dog, her story is sadly common here in Cyprus.  Dumped as a puppy, sick with Parvovirus (a very deadly disease for puppies), she was taken in by a rescue. They did not give up on her, she was rushed to a vet for treatment. 

Stella or Snoopy as she was known in the sanctuary, was cared for tirelessly by volunteers while she battled for her life.  Not only did they comfort her, they did not hesitate to cover her vetcare - this is where donations to these rescues are crucial - they cannot work their miracles without help, as love alone will not cure a sick dog.

Stella battled for her life and miraculously won, all thanks to the big hearted people who took time out of their busy lives to care for dogs and to the kind hearted people that donated to the charity which enabled them to cover her vetbills.  

This is why I chose these charities to benefit from your donations.  Every little bit helps and at the end of the day, they are saving lives - total respect to these marvelous volunteers.

Stella is now coming up on her 8th Birthday, she was 4 months when we adopted her.  Had it not been for the rescue, she would not be with us now, we absolutely adore her - she is a 32 kilo lapdog wannabe, our beautiful Stella.



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