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A little bit about me.......

A Welsh lass from Swansea, South Wales I'm living the quiet life in a small village in the Commandaria Region of Limassol, Cyprus, together with my "patience of a saint" husband and 2 furry rascals - our wonderful but crazy dogs.

I have returned to my first love since a child - painting!

I was always happiest when I had some crayons in hand, brightening up anything that was in my line of sight. Of course, this didn't always go down too well, my mother was not impressed when I redesigned her kitchen wallpaper for her, but hey - the 70's design was hideous and it was my daughterly duty to protect my family's eyesight! Since "wallpapergate" 40 years have passed and in peeling off decades of wallpaper, my mother came across it and now intends to frame it! You're welcome Mam!

After some 30 years since using soft pastels once in comprehensive school, I was gifted soft pastels for my birthday this year and so the pet portraits began. Owning 2 dogs (Stella adopted from a local shelter - Sirius Dog Sanctuary and George who was rescued from certain death on a motorway by Love Cyprus Dog Rescue (an epic foster fail on our part, since we fell in love and adopted him)), I had immediate inspiration to capture them in pastels. They continue to inspire me daily!

I am basically a self taught artist and was incredibly shy about showing my work. But, after receiving kind feedback and requests from friends and family, I am now taking on commissions. I am absolutely floored by everyone's kindness and painting animals is truly a labour of love!

Please feel free to email me: Email Pet Portrait Artist or message me via facebook.

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Jo and Cath, St Davids Day

Me (on the left) and my sister on St David's Day. My sister's artistic talents amounted to taking a pen and joining up the freckles on my face, but that's a story for another time.......


Stella and George

My darling floppy chopped, waggly tailed muses - Stella and George.


Joanne Kane Pays - Artist

Me in Universal Studios, L.A. If you ever lose me, look for the nearest dog and that's where you'll find me!



Interested in a Portrait for yourself or as a gift for someone else? Email me: Email Pet Portrait Artist

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